Managed PPC For Orthopedic Clinics

What do the following type of advertisements have in common? Billboards, Bus wraps, bus bench boards, LED board? They all standout as we drive on the road. Why are they so effective?  They are effective for building brand awareness and broadcasting your business, product or campaign to as many people as possible. Because they're in such high congested areas. The downside to these types of advertisements is that there it involves a lot of research like, looking for the right location for visibility, traffic count location, audience demographics, and proximity to your business. It’s difficult to target a specific market and you are limited to displaying your campaign only to a specific area of town with a billboard. And the cost may vary for example; $250 per month in rural areas, in other words, in the middle of nowhere. $1,500-$4,000 in small to midsize cities, and $14,000 and up in larger markets. Digital billboards can cost over $15,000, depending on the location.

So, what is PPC?

Let me say first that This type of advertising is complex, and it requires careful planning. Therefore, not having a medical marketing company working on your advertising can cost you to spend all your budget without getting results. PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a type of internet marketing in which you pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ads. This is one of the most popular ways to advertise because it is a faster way of getting results.  Advertising with pay per click allows you to get your products and services out there to the masses using the Google's AdWords platform and these Ads is geared toward the entire spectrum of companies from small businesses to Fortune 500. 

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PPC is also great because it helps increases brand recognition, this form of advertising also increases your visibility and brand awareness. Even when people don't click on your ad, they see it because it's above the organic search results, yet another way to promote your practice just by exposing it more potential customers.


Benefits Of PPC For Your Orthopedic Clinic

Here is where the big benefits come, when compared to a traditional Billboard ad. When it comes to demographics, we can target your ads based on how well your products and services trend with users in any locations, based on age, gender. Show your ads to users who have been searching for specific medical services. These users may be looking perhaps to answers for a specific injury or a particular body part, possibly doing preliminary research, they see your ad, and it peaks their interest enough to interact with it. 

On our end, once we create your ad groups, then the keywords are chosen, ads can then be written. Ads will include the targeted keyword theme, any value propositions, and a call to action.  We carefully chose specific words or phrases related to the people that are most likely to engage with your ads and get them to go to your website and engage.

Professionaly Structured

In addition to keywords, we can create custom URLs for websites, apps, or YouTube content related to your audience's interests. The goal is to get them to visit your website, or app so that they'll see your ads more often. These potential leads can be in any stage of conversion, if they've visited your site or clicked on your ad before.

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Efficient Development & Marketing Strategies

At First Page Digital Solutions, we clarify your long and short term marketing goals, we map them out and create a package that will benefit your specific goals. We have transparency in all our prices whether you have a large, small or unique practice; we can customize your campaign to fit the needs and wants. As we start creating your website, you will be introduced to project manager, your project manager will walk you through every step of the way, and together bring your vision and brand to life.  After your website is completed and approved by you. We will move forward to optimize it and then, walk you through on how to use your fully integrated cloud base CRM program, this will be essential to your marketing. You can rest assure that we will be ready to help you in any way we can, we are in the US and can reach us anytime. Never have to worry about the maintenance of your website as we make these services available to you.  Meaning that any changes or content that needs to be done, we will take care of it and optimize it for you on a monthly basis. 

Orthopedic Web Design & Marketing Experts

Our mission is to give your business every advantage possible, and it all start with your brand and website. First Page Digital Solutions is the company that focuses and understands the marketing to your medical field. Let us do all the work while you focus on your patients.

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