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Internet marketing is not just about generating leads, it's about generating high quality leads that can turn into potential future patients. Here at First Page Digital Solutions, we focus on creating compelling and effective marketing campaigns to help you generate the highest quality leads possible, giving you more chance to turn leads into patients. Take a look below how our marketing professionals use years of combined experience to generate high-quality lead for your clinic.

Your Website And The User Experience

Ever since the first sketch, we always have Marketing in mind. Where the logo is placed, where the contact form is located, the fonts used, the colors chosen, the pictures and the caption below the pictures, the hosting and speed of your website, all these things are important factors taken into consideration when creating an effective and professional and successful marketing strategy. Digital marketing is just another step into the process of growing your clinic, however the process starts at the creation of your website. By having a professionally-built website designed specifically for your practice and unique to your brand, it enables our marketing professionals to work more efficiently and effectively.

 What might look good an appealing to you on your website might not be so good for marketing, and in the long run, it will effect your  SEO efforts and make your pay-per-click campaigns less effective and more expensive.  Our professional graphic designers, programmers and content writers have years of combined experience in medical marketing. We can help you create a website that looks great, easy to navigate, reliable, fast and it's perfect for digital marketing.  Remember, when talking digital marketing, there are many factors that will come to play on your website, so always make sure that all your digital assets have been optimized or created with marketing in mind.

Professional Medical Content

We have a dedicated team of professional content writers that can help you create  marketing rich content for your pages and blog posts.  We target specific keywords, locations and demographics while giving your users interesting and important information material to read.

Writing content for a Blog is not hard, however writing marketing specific content that can be effective and help you generate  high quality leads, is not easy. Since our company focuses on the healthcare industry only, our content writers are experts in creating the type of content that search engines look for when awarding websites, by giving you high-ranking results on searches.

There are many key factors that goes into writing rich content that's marketing effective. The words being used, the keywords that are spread out throughout the article, punctuation, bullet points, internal and external links and more.

Marketing Campaigns Optimization

Now that you have a professionally-designed website and marketing-rich content, you have to make sure that your entire website is fully optimized. Another important thing to keep in mind is that your website is constantly being updated, new pictures, new posts, new pages and therefore making it necessary for it to be re-optimized over and over again.

 we utilize proprietary software that tells us every time something new was uploaded to your website and our programmers will get to work right away, making sure every image is compressed, that it has proper attributes, that every text has relevancy, and that everything is being pushed and picked up by search engines.

 Every medical web design package from First Page Digital Solutions comes equipped with this feature at no extra cost.  Depending on your package, you could have up to five changes per month.

First Page Digital Solutions can help your practice thrive by giving you the proper tools and the best results. Because we have developed an all-in-one solution, our software in combination with our creative + marketing department work together seamlessly.

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