Managed PPC For Chiropractors

When it comes to advertising, PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing where advertisers pay when ads are clicked. This in turn can increase brand awareness and lead to higher profits for your chiropractic practice. Finding new clients can be challenging. At First Page, we can help you come up with an effective client-acquisition strategy that will set realistic goals, deliver solid leads and create consistency. If you want to achieve growth, consistency is the key to reaching your prospecting goals.

How Does PPC Work?

Our digital marketing team will perform keyword research to implement into your SEO strategy. This takes a fair amount of time and effort and we carefully chose specific words and phrases that your targeted audience are most likely to engage with. If you have the proper keywords in your website, then search engines such as Google and Bing and users have a greater chance of finding your practice online. Quality content is interesting and informative to users and ultimately can help to lead to more website visits. Keywords that fall into the ‘high’ competition category typically cost more vs the ones that fall into the ‘low’ competition category.

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PPC is also great because it helps increases brand recognition, this form of advertising also increases your visibility and brand awareness. Even when people don't click on your ad, they see it because it's above the organic search results, yet another way to promote your practice just by exposing it more potential customers.

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Benefits Of PPC For Your Clinic

Here at First Page, we provide you with our proprietary CRM software that allows you to easily keep track of every detail of your business and manage all of your relationships with your patients. We will provide you with detailed stats and details about the performance of your PPC campaigns, analyze your results and give you an idea of how you can improve in these areas to reach your target audience and drive more traffic to your website.

With PPC you will have the ability to maximize your organic traffic and reach a wider audience than previously before.

Effective PPC Marketing

How do you launch a successful advertising marketing campaign for your practice? First off, you will need to identify your target audience and implement the proper content for your audience -- provide them with very specific information that is relevant through the use of blog posts, videos, direct mail marketing and more. Be specific and detailed in targeting your audience and include a well-written ‘call to action’ that is direct and gets straight to the point.


Efficient Development & Marketing Strategies

At First Page Digital Solutions, we clarify your long and short term marketing goals, we map them out and create a package that will benefit your specific goals. We have transparency in all our prices whether you have a large, small or unique practice; we can customize your campaign to fit the needs and wants. As we start creating your website, you will be introduced to project manager, your project manager will walk you through every step of the way, and together bring your vision and brand to life.  After your website is completed and approved by you. We will move forward to optimize it and then, walk you through on how to use your fully integrated cloud base CRM program, this will be essential to your marketing. You can rest assure that we will be ready to help you in any way we can, we are in the US and can reach us anytime. Never have to worry about the maintenance of your website as we make these services available to you.  Meaning that any changes or content that needs to be done, we will take care of it and optimize it for you on a monthly basis. 

Chiropractors Web Design & Marketing Experts

Our mission is to give your business every advantage possible, and it all start with your brand and website. First Page Digital Solutions is the company that focuses and understands the marketing to your medical field. Let us do all the work while you focus on your patients.

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